December 30, 2017
December 30, 2017
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Corns n callus

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  •   Brand Name : Ayur Aid
  •   500 grams




Corn n Callus paste cures Corns and Calluses permanently.
A corn is a rough and small mass of dead skin that is accumulated on the toes or between them. Corns and calluses are the formation of thick layers of skin as a result of repeated pressure or friction on the same area. A corn is formed on the top or side of the toe, whereas a callus is generally formed on the hands or the soles of the feet. A pain is caused when there is a pressure on the affected areas and the neighboring areas appears red and swollen.
Repeated friction and pressure results in the formation of thick pad commonly at the weight-bearing zone of sole which forms callus. When this callus develops and gets concentrated on that point of pressure, it leads to the formation of corn. The common reason for this are wearing tight or loose shoes, standing on a rough and hard surface for a long period, long hill shoes and sandals, regular use of tight socks or stockings and deformed toes.

Dosage Wash the Corns and Calluses area and apply just on the Corns and Calluses with tooth pick or ear bud. Caution, Diabetic patients should not use.


The skin becomes thick, rough and hard.
The skin appears dry and flaky.
There is an inflammation and redness in the skin around the affected area.
There is a pain.




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