December 30, 2017
December 30, 2017


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  •   Brand Name : Ayur Aid
  •   500 grams




Renalcare capsules are a safe and effective combination of kidney supporting herbs used for painful urinary conditions and inflammations.
Renalcare capsules are very useful in kidney stones, urinary tract infections,high uric acid, high urea and creatinine levels.
These herbs act together in a synergistic manner and are effective in urinary tract infections, ureteric stones, and painful micturition.
Renalcare capsules are also recommended in chronic kidney failure and in dialysis patients. It acts as a diuretic while providing natural anti-oxidants and nutrition to the body.
Renalcare capsules are wonderful treatment for prostate enlargement and is famous for it’s nutritive functions.
Renalcare capsules also considered as best anti allergic.Renalcare capsules are best herbal combination to avoid dialysis due to kidney failure.

Dosage Take one capsule with Butter milk or water four times daily.


Has diuretic properties thus may help to flush out the stones.
May help maintain optimum kidney health.
May help maintain urinary tract functioning.


Shortness of breath.
Generalized weakness.
Mental confusion.
Abnormal heart rhythms, related to potassium imbalance.
Loss of appetite.
Sleep irregularities.
Abnormal urine output.
Frequent cramping in the muscles.
Persistent itching.
Chest pain.
High blood pressure.
Swelling around the ankles.
A bad taste in the mouth.
Feeling coldPain in laterals/ flanks.


Crateva nurvala(VarunRoots)
Boerhavia diffusa(PunarnavaRoot)
Tribulus terrestris(Gokshur)
Chicorium intybus(KaasniLeave)
Phyllanthus niruri(Bhumi AmlaWhole)
Albezzia lebbok(ShirishBark)
Moringa oleifera(ShigruBark)
Achyranthes aspera(ApamargFruitSeeds)


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